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System requirements

In order to login to the vision2learn e-learning platform we recommend your web browser is up-to-date and that you have JavaScript and session-cookies enabled. By default, all major web browsers are configured to handle these requirements.

Below is a list of settings that we have detected from your web browser. A green tick Green tick indicates that your system meets with our minimum requirements. If you see a red cross Red cross you may need to adjust your browser settings or upgrade. If you see the warning icon Warning icon you might want to upgrade your browser to the latest version. You can find links to upgrade your browser below under the PC Users section. Please click on the relevant Help icon for further information.

  Your Web browser   Minimum requirements
Browser No Unknown 0.0   Internet Explorer 9.0+; Firefox 16.0+; Google Chrome 15.0+
Session cookies Session cookies disabled Disabled Help Session cookies enabled
JavaScript Help JavaScript enabled
Flash plugin Yes Help Version 9.0 (learners only)

A green tick Green tick indicates that your operating system meets with or surpasses our minimum requirements. If you see the warning icon Warning icon you should be able to use vision2learn as long as you can edit files created on PCs. However, we might not be able to offer you full support for your operating system.

  Your computer   Minimum requirements
Operating system Unsupported Unknown Help Windows Vista
Screen resolution   800 x 600

Select this link to run the system requirements check again.

Pop–up blocker

To use vision2learn, your computer settings will need to allow pop–ups to open.

PC users

If you need to upgrade your web browser, follow one of the links listed below:

We are unable to support Safari web browser running on a Windows PC.

Additional software requirements

  • An active email account
  • Microsoft Word or compatible word processor
  • Adobe Acrobat - download this now!

Apple Mac users

Vision2learn is designed and built for Windows PC computers utilising Microsoft Office products (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access). We believe that the current version is compatible with the Apple Mac OS X operating system, although we cannot offer any support to Mac users. If you are a learner you will need to ensure that you have compatible software so that your tutor can read your submitted work.

We recommend that you use Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari as your Web browser.

Need more help?

If you require further assistance please complete our contact us form.